And the SW Torino winners are…


Here they are, the Startup Weekend Torino winners:

1° Materest 

Materest ( helps you find your ideal room in an innovative and easy way.
It’s a renting advertisement portal where you can find suitable people according to common interests and where you can quickly understand if there’s a good vibe.
Moreover it helps you understand what is around you that you care about.

Materest also won IED Torino and 99designs special prize.



2° shaspace

shaspace ( recreate your spaces and open them to new uses.

With shaspace you can find and book places nearby basend on the instant needs. The service allow to anybody to share their spaces and serveices (a desk, a wifi connection, the pc, the phone, a place to leave the baggage…) with the community.



3° Bubbleness

Bubbleness ( enhance the user experience during events using indoor geo-localization, social business discovery and store up.

Bubbleness won also the Mind The Bridge Special Prize.



Istituto Superiore Mario Boella special Prize: Welco

Welco ( is a device witch replace you door phone in few steps and make you entire home portable. You will be at home, anytime anywhere.



Microsoft Innovation Center Torino special Prize: Analyzee

Analyzee ( is a web service for balance sheet analysis targeted for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our mission is to help entepreneurs to do entrepreneurship in a more conscious way.