Teams – Startup Weekend Food Edition



“BuonApp” is a web platform for making easier the match between customers and restaurant owners in the organisation of dinners and parties with a lot of people. BuonApp helps restaurant owners to get in contact with customers and to satisfy the needs they expressed in the platform (number of people, price, menu preferences, location, etc).


Millions of perishable, time critical and high value goods are shipped around the world every day. Once they are out of your hands, company, warehouse often you don’t know where they are and more importantly what condition they are in, until they reach their destination.
Eat Safe is using the art Internet of Things technology for the development of a unique service that allows specific packages to be tracked and monitored worldwide in real time. A credit card size device adopting a mix of telecommunication technologies and integrated with an array of sensors both physical and virtual, sends and receives data from a central server following a customized user profile.


evet4food è un marketplace pensato per facilitare l’organizzazione di eventi legati al mondo del food.L’utente privato potrà scegliere, personalizzare e prenotare il servizio di catering più adatto alle sue esigenze.


Piattaforma Web/Mobile per la fruizione di Giochi e Attività Interattive all’Aperto.


Food sharing against waste

Mamma’s Box

Italian taste like at home, away from home.
Online marketplace focused on italian traditional food stuff that enhances to feel the same flavour and taste of an italian home
The box that you wish receive from your mum.

Merende Diverse

We are providing fun and delicious snacks to kids regardless of their dietary restrictions.


Parkitude is a parksharing platform that allows you to find parking lots available near you in real time and in a totally automated way by using spare capacity from private and business owners.


Random Dinner

Random Dinner is a platform that allows organizing dinners composed by people who have never met each other before, and their identity will remain secret untill the dinner starts.


Shable is a web community where you can share a seat at you table. People are host and guest and the key concepts are to make new friends and taste a tipical housemade meal with a good deal for both the sides.


it’s a service that provides all menus of all restaurant on your smartphone and allows the customers to order from the tablet without wait for long time.

Wine Taste